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Coventina - Goddess of Sacred Waters

Ancient Coventina, sweet goddess
of sacred springs and holy wells,
your waters emerge joyfully
from the dream of darkness.
Your pure and sparkling essence
manifests in the light of day.
May your waters always flow,
blessing the living land
with your abundant beauty.
Paul Sandover


Coventina was a Romano-British goddess of sacred waters, of wells and springs, Celtic in origin.  She is known from a bas relief found at one site in Northumberland county of England, an area surrounding a wellspring (may be part of a shrine or temple) near Carrawburgh on Hadrian's Wall.

Coventina depicted in triple form and also as a water nymph on a leaf.

Dated at around CE 130, it was excavated in 1876. Over 13,000 coins, many items of jewellery, incense burners, carved stones and many other artifacts were found on the site.

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Little is known about Goddess Coventina except that she represented abundance, inspiration, prophecy and healing. She is believed to have been worshipped from around 200 BC to 400 AD. Her high rank, conferred on her by the Romano-British, is indicated by inscribed titles on artifacts such as “Sancta” (Holy) and “Augusta” (Revered).

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