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Traditional Turkish Needle Lace - "Oya"

“Oya” is a traditional Turkish needlework believed to date back to 8th Century BC, when Phrygians ruled the Anatolian lands. Spreading initially to Greece during the 12th Century, “oya” then continued its journey to Italy, Spain, and all the way up to England and Ireland, adopted, transformed, developed by artisans in line with their culture, understanding and preferences.

Needle Lace - Oya Blue Color Scarf Necklace - Verna Artisan Works

Delicate, stylish, refined, colourful, “oya” is an expression of finesse. A broad-spectrum of this needlework appears on napkins, hankies, scarves, towels, pillow covers, table cloths, and also on jewellery, usually in  three-dimensional form. Such items are offered to our valued customers of Verna Artisan Works.

While items embroidered with “oya”, especially those made for the Ottoman Court, have become collectibles for the Turkish elite, “oya” is still crafted and used widely in rural areas. Not only that, it is also known to be a unique language among women depending on their age, marital status, etc.

Needle Lace Jewellery - Oya - Verna Artisan Works

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