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Rush Weaving

Rush weaving is a very old, ancient handcraft dating back thousands of years. Some early examples could be found at ancient Egypt. It became popular all around the World and in Great Britain after the 14th century.

Local artisan rush weaving - Verna Artisan Works

(Photo: A local artisan in South West Turkey creates woven designs made from natural grown rushes. But before the crafting process, they first need to harvests rushes from a local lake and prepare them for the craft process.)

Rush is a perfect weaving material. Today in South West Turkey, local artisans still weaves with local rush to make beautiful and unique bags, floor mats and table ware. The local people also use rush mats at the lowlands and highlands to sit on or for shade.

Rush weaving - Verna Artisan Works

Although it’s very ancient and elegant crafting process, rush weaving is still an easy and accessible handcraft and top crafters and also designers always admires its purity and simplicity.

Rush weaving - Verna Artisan Works

Discover this Rattan Straw Bag with colorful ribbon details, made by artisans using rush weaving technique.

Rattan Straw Bag - Rush Weaving - Verna Artisan Works

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